The seventh season of Game Of Thrones will feature one episode directed by comedian Louis C.K., it has been announced.

According to sources, C.K.’s episode will be more comedically focused than previous episodes and will feature Jon Snow and a ghost version of Rob Stark on a hilarious journey to find a pair of magical socks.

“Death, pain, betrayal have all been explored on Game of Thrones up until now,” said C.K.

“I really want to show the lighter side of Westeros. All the characters must have downtime. What do they do in it? What games do they play?

“Maybe they all smoke pot together. Maybe they do karaoke. The potential for fun and humor really is endless.”

“We wanted one episode of this season to really utilize Kit Harrington’s comedic chops,” enthused Pat Lender, executive producer for GoT.

“In ‘Magical Socks’, Kit will get to show off his funny side. Putting on the socks makes him the best dancer in the North.

“However, soon after, he’s challenged to a dance-off by Jamie Lannister.”

“And let’s just say that Jamie doesn’t dance fair,” laughed C.K.


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