International heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio has officially signed on to reprise his role of Jack Dawson in the upcoming sequel to James Cameron’s blockbuster hit Titanic.

Titanic 2: Another Iceberg will focus on DiCaprio’s character washing ashore and hitching a ride on a second ocean liner.

Once aboard, Dawson falls in love with another rich aristocrat only to have the romance end suddenly when the ocean liner crashes into yet another iceberg and sinks.

“With the amazing critical reception and box office success of the first Titanic movie, we didn’t see much need to have the sequel veer much from the first film,” said director and writer James Cameron.

“I mean, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

Cameron said the idea to make the film hit him when he was relaxing on his yacht in the British Virgin Islands and one of the deck hands spilled a bucket of ice that was meant to chill a bottle of ’67 Dom Perignon.

“Seeing all that ice spilled on the deck, I just thought, what if another giant ocean liner hit another iceberg. From there it was just putting the pieces together,” said Cameron.

DiCaprio commented on the reasons behind him revisiting the character that propelled him to megastardom.

“I just bought another house in Tahoe, so, you know, I haven’t worked in a while, and you know…whatever.”


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