Lena Dunham has stirred up controversy by announcing that she’s “wishing for an abortion this Christmas” on her Women of the Hour podcast.

The writer of hit TV show Girls was discussing Planned Parenthood on her miniseries and revealed her hopes for the Christmas present she’s always wanted.

“I realized that by not having had an abortion, I was stigmatizing women who had, so this year I really hope I get one underneath the tree.”

Critics have accused Dunham of jumping on any social bandwagon to boost her profile, no matter how unrelated it is to her own life.

However, the self-proclaimed anti-cultural appropriation, pro-LGBT, Black Lives Matter-supporting feminist insists that this is not the case.

“My words are spoken from a sort of ‘delusional girl’ persona I often inhabit, a girl who careens between wisdom and ignorance.

“Let’s hope that’s the type of girl I abort this festive season.”