NBA superstar LeBron James has announced that he’ll be dressing as former teammate Kyrie Irving for Halloween.

“I thought it was a great idea and an easy costume,” said James, Cleveland Caveliers.

“I’ll just put on a diaper, get a rattle and bonnet and ‘boom’, I’ll be Kyrie,” chuckled James.

“You get what I’m saying? I’m going as a baby, because Kyrie is a baby. See what I did there? I said I was going as Kyrie and then said I was gonna dress like a baby.”

James has previously remained silent since Irving requested a trade back in July, but is now coming out swinging.

“If he thinks he can dress as me and I won’t dress as him well then he’s in for a shock,” said Irving, in reply to this news.

“I’m gonna dress as a piece of poop. That’s what LeBron is, a piece of poop. They have those poop emoji costumes. I’m gonna buy one of those and put that on with a big number ’23’ on it.”

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