In hopes to reach female audiences and join in on the empowering #MeToo movement, Lucasfilm decided at the last minute to include a sexually harassed alien into its new Star Wars film The Last Jedi.

The new alien, named Ms. Blobby, will be a small blob of yellow liquid that identifies as a female and who is repeatedly penetrated against her will by another alien that’s shaped like a can of beans.

“We thought it was really important to address this important issue in The Last Jedi and Ms. Blobby offered the perfect opportunity for us to do it,” said Lynne Hale, Head of PR for Lucasfilm.

“After Mr. Blobby is penetrated against her will by the can of beans, she gets a long overdue opportunity to state her case to the Intergalactic Counsel, which leads to the eventual firing of the can of beans.”

The Last Jedi will also feature a racist alien, a homophobic alien, an alien that might or might not be an anti-Semite and another that just really hates the color blue.

“By creating aliens who represent every complaint and issue any person on the planet ever has, we’ve been able to accurately reflect humanity, except in a fictional, made-up universe in the year 2569,” added Hale.

There also have been recent rumblings around Lucasfilm about creating a Star Wars spin-off movie about a team of angry sexist aliens battling an order of ancient Jedi women.

The studio is looking to cast every woman who has accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct to play a role in the film.

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