Lifelong Arsenal supporter Jeremy Corbyn has pledged his commitment to leading the Labour Party into the next election, guaranteeing a “Top Four finish”.

The Labour leaders has said that the party should think carefully before trying to replace him.

“Another leader could come in and completely change the strategy and tactics. He or she might start trying to win instead of settling for a Top Four place.

“This could confuse and upset party members,” said Corbyn.

“We have had a Top Four finish in every by-election while I’ve been in charge and I fully expect a Top Four place in the 2020 General Election.

“The Tories have got the most money so are always going to be favorite to win.

“The Liberal Democrats and UKIP are dark horses, if they don’t mind me saying that, but I am confident that Labour will be in the mix at the end.”

Fellow Arsenal fan Piers Morgan said, “It’s Groundhog Day. Nothing ever changes. I’ve been saying for ages that Corbyn has run his course.”


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