A trailer for the penultimate season of the Labour Party Game of Thrones has been released, with the show beginning in September at the party conference in Brighton.

The new season sees Jeremy Corbyn, Tom Watson and Len McCluskey still fighting it out. 

In a trailer called Long Walk, the trio are seen walking towards different thrones in the Brighton Hilton Metropole, as a cover version of James’s ’90s hit Sit Down plays in the background.

Suddenly, a figure appears from the shadows carrying a knife. It’s not clear who he is but it looks a lot like Tony Blair.

The Momentum flag is shown flying over the Brighton Centre conference hall. Unexpected alliances are hinted at. Talk of revenge is in the air. Ken Livingstone is seen deep in conversation with John McDonnell.

With only two seasons to go, all the signs are that the fantasy drama of the Labour Party Game of Thrones is definitely heading into the endgame now.

The show’s producer has said that it doesn’t end well for anyone.


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