First Order Commander Kylo Ren aka Ben Solo has been finding it difficult to meet girls in bars, at work or on planet-destroying bases, so he has activated a Tinder account.

And despite an affiliation with an evil dictatorship and his tendencies towards violent and petulant murderous outbursts, Ren is doing rather well.

Ren has been working out in the gym and isn’t afraid to show off his newly ripped body; combine that with his finely-conditioned locks and prosperous career prospects, it’s no surprise that he’s is a hit with the ladies.

“There’s just something about a bad boy,” explained Tinder user Lucy Jackson.

“I love a guy in uniform, and a man in a mask…it’s just so sexy.

“He says he wants to rise up in the First Order and thinks he might get promoted soon but surely his path to the top is blocked by that mysterious Snoke guy. Can’t see him going anywhere.”

Ren claims that he is misunderstood by most women that he doesn’t meet online.

“I’ve tried reaching out to girls I meet at work before, but they don’t appreciate my mind reading or my desire to introduce bondage into the relationship at the early stage,” explained Ren.

“But these Tinder girls seem to really swipe for me. It’s going so well I might try Grindr next.”

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