After news emerged about Donald Trump’s ‘Coke Button’, Kendall Jenner has revealed that she has a ‘Pepsi Button’ implanted in her right calf.

The reality TV star had the button surgically inserted into her leg a little over a year ago.

“After the controversy of her new Pepsi commercial, Kendall is determined to remove the button by any means necessary,” says PR spokesperson Allie Sanders.

“Initially, she wanted to implant three more buttons for Diet Pepsi, Cherry Pepsi and Crystal Pepsi into her armpits and forearms, but those plans seem to be permanently on hold.”

A spokesperson for Donald Trump says that the President believes that Jenner copied his desk’s Coke button and is considering legal action against her and her family.

“Kendal Jenner is too thin to have been drinking Pepsi before me,” reasoned Trump.


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