Recording artist, songwriter and entrepreneur Kanye West is to release a collection of songs in the spirit of post-medieval bards Thomas D’Urfey and John Playford.

The as yet untitled album marks a drastic shift away from his trademark hip-hop style and instead leans heavily on the esotericism of traditional English folk songs from the 17th century.

An approximate release date is set for late fall, or, “When autumnal whimpers whisper winter howls,” as the self-professed musical genius stated earlier today.

West is confident that his harpsichord-tinged opus will bag him the undisputed title of Greatest Living Folk Star On The Planet.

The Grammy award-winning rapper complained that the recording process has been plagued by technical issues.

I can’t find a decent fucking lute player for love nor money; and Yeezus knows I’ve got enough of both!

Insiders say that Taylor Swift visited the studio to add backing vocals to the tracks Nigguh Caught In The Throes of Spring, Hither & Hear The Ballad Of Kim And Kanye and All Ye Folksman Must Be Trippin’, but claimed that West refused to turn her microphone volume past 0.

In a candid interview discussing this new direction, West revealed that, “I just thought that it was time to really speak my mind, you know? Let the world hear the real Kanye. No more hiding my light under a bushel; hold up, that’s a dope title, ‘Under A Bushel’…


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