Justin Timberlake, who is performing during half-time of the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots Super Bowl LII match, will allegedly have his trousers ripped off by Janet Jackson during his performance.

Timberlake famously exposed Jackson’s breast, protected only by a small nipple shield, in the Super Bowl 38 half-time show and many see this is as a way of pacifying millenials who have got retrospectively angry about the incident.

The trouser ripping will be made to seem spontaneous, but is intended to happen around two minutes into Timberlake’s cover of Little Red Corvette by Prince.

Timberlake, famous for “bringing SexyBack”, will only have a large cod piece covering his groin, adorned with Minnesota Vikings horns to play to the home stadium.

If the stunt goes well, next year’s act – rumoured to be Tina Turner and the Rolling Stones – will perform the entire show completely naked.

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