The Justice League of America are illegal alien immigrants and should be deported to either Mars or Australia, according to Donald Trump.

The group of superheroes was recently formed by Bruce Wayne in order to defend the earth again other-worldly threats.

But their formation could be short-lived, as Trump has announced that they are living in the US illegally.

“Let’s start with Superman,” said the President.

“There is no way he is actually from Kansas, as he claims. Growing up on a farm can’t make you that strong.

“And he’s meant to be dead, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen him wandering around the place in a dark suit.

“They only have that kind of power in Egypt.”

Trump is also convinced that Aquaman is from Mexico and needs to return there “pronto”, although he did suggest that the musclebound sea-dweller could assist him in building his wall.

Meanwhile, attempts to resolve Wonderwoman’s green card issues in a one-on-one meeting with the President reportedly went very badly indeed.

It was assumed that Gotham-born-and-bred Bruce Wayne and his Dark Knight alter-ego would be allowed to stay; however, this is not to be the case.

“There is only room for one billionaire egotistical playboy who pays no attention to the law,” reasoned Trump.

“Batman will have to go.”


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