The Ecuadorian Ambassador to the United Kingdom has confirmed that arrangements for the Embassy’s Christmas schedule have been finalized and that Julian Assange has once again been booked for the main attraction of switching on their Christmas lights.

Assange is no stranger to ceremonial engagements at the Embassy, with this year marking the fifth consecutive occasion that the Wikileaks founder has been invited to flick the festive switch.

Embassy insiders have divulged that in contrast to the image of a stoical loner portrayed by the world’s media, Assange has carved out a role as a self-appointed in-house entertainer and is committed to alleviating the daily grind for the Ambassador and his staff.

In addition to the Christmas schedule, he also calls the numbers at a weekly sitting of bingo and further convenes and judges a children’s collage competition in which the offspring of diplomats compete to create an artistic likeness of Assange’s face using items such as buttons, felt and dried pasta shapes.



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