After his controversial jokes about the disgraced movie mogul, James Corden has doubled down and asked Harvey Weinstein to be his next guest on Carpool Karaoke.

“We’ll probably need a limo and loads of Champagne,” said Corden.

“Can’t wait to meet him; he’s produced loads of my favourite movies.”

Corden came under fire for making tasteless jokes at a black-tie charity event about Weinstein’s alleged sexual abuse of young actresses; however, the host of The Late Late Show has explained why he shouldn’t be to blame.

“I created those jokes and then wrote those jokes down and then said those jokes because people gave me money to but I never, ever thought that they would cause anyone any offence,” said Corden.

“Anyway, enough about that stuff, what tune are Harvey and I going to rock out?

“I’m thinking we could harmonise on Blurred Lines. But we need someone to do Pharrell’s part – maybe I’ll show a little love to another star who’s had a rough time of it…Bill Cosby?”

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