Tory grassroots favourite Jacob Rees-Mogg wants food banks to qualify for the Michelin Guide, it has been announced.

“I think that it would be incredibly uplifting for the country,” said the Old Etonian, “if a food bank was awarded a Michelin Star.

“There are now over 2,000 food banks in the United Kingdom, far more than under Labour, which just shows what a compassionate country we have become under the Conservative government.

The North East Somerset MP continued his thoughts.

Our nanny tells me it is not easy to feed a family of six children. Although she hasn’t had to go to a food bank herself, she says she would definitely choose one that had a Michelin Star,” said Rees-Mogg.

“We should all strive for excellence. One Michelin Star indicates ‘a good place to stop on your journey’. Any food bank would be proud to achieve that.”

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