Cleveland Cavaliers star point guard Kyrie Irving has demanded a trade for what he calls a “very simple reason”.

According to Irving, last December teammate Lebron James had a birthday party at a local miniature golf course to which he wasn’t invited.

“(Kevin) Love was invited, (JR) Smith was invited, even (Channing) Frye was invited and no one likes him, plus everyone knows he has lice,” said a clearly angered Irving.

“I really love miniature golf. I have a special putter and everything. Plus I told Lebron ‘happy birthday’ that day, but did I get an invite? Nope.”

It’s no secret that Lebron has been known to have the best birthday parties. According to AP reports, last year he had three bounce houses and a slip-n-slide.

The year before he rented out a rollerskating rink for the entire day.

Lebron responded to Irving’s comments.

“Just because we are teammates doesn’t mean I have to invite him to my party. I’m a big boy and I can do whatever I want on my special day,” said the Cavaliers’ Power Forward.

“Plus, when I did invite him two years ago he got be a crappy book for a gift instead of a cool toy. And books suck. Who gets someone a book?”

Irving later defended his choice of gift.

“It was a Where’s Waldo book. That’s not a normal book. Everyone likes Where’s Waldo,” said Irving.

“It’s more of a game than a book.”


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