Philadelphia Eagles MVP quarterback Carson Wentz has chosen to undergo a controversial surgery called the “RoboCop” to repair his torn ACL.

The surgery will replace 86% of Wentz’s human body with the latest technology and platinum steel.

“Wentz will become the greatest athlete to ever exist after the surgery,” according to Dr. Earl Fitzsimmons, the lead surgeon performing the procedure.

“He will not only be able to run 18x the normal speed of a human, but will also have a variety of weapons, such as heat-seeking missiles, embedded into his body.”

Some are speculating whether Wentz will be allowed to continue to play in the NFL after he becomes mostly robot.

But with its declining viewership, it’s looking as if the NFL is keen on allowing the rebuilt QB back in the game.

“We believe robot Wentz has the ability bring in a whole new demographic of viewers,” said Troy Vincent, Executive Vice President of Football Operations for the NFL.

“Just like Tiger Woods brought young viewers to golf, we think robot Wentz will bring a new audience of single, male, virgin coders, Star Trek fans and anyone who likes to regularly attend Comicon.”

SkyNet Center, the hospital performing the controversial surgery, has said this is just the first of many surgeries it hopes to perform in the coming future.

“The robot apocalypse is already upon us,” explained SkyNet’s Marketing Director Dave Thomas.

“Why not give in now and make a few bucks?”

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