Harvey Weinstein has been fired from his own company amid sexual harassment claims but has promised a return to form by producing a biopic of the recently deceased Hugh Hefner.

The Oscar-winning producer of Pulp Fiction and Shakespeare In Love has very publicly fallen from grace this week after several actresses and former assistants accused him of sexual harassment over the past three decades.

But the movie mogul says that he will “rise like a phoenix” with a new production company that will team up with Ratpac and Playboy/Alta Loma Entertainment to create a biopic of the late Hugh Hefner.

“The guy was a hero,” enthused Weinstein.

“He gave countless young women an opportunity to be in show business. I mean, who’s not gonna love this flick?”

Jared Leto has already signed up to play the Playboy entrepreneur; however, Weinstein has new casting ideas.

“My success stems from my willingness to mix things up. Take risks. Be progressive. That’s why I want a negro to play Hefner!” revealed Weinstein.

“I have the number of a guy I used to party with in the ’80s, great guy, everyone loved him, even had his own show, they named it after him…I’ll check my Rolodex.”

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