One year of mooking has passed and it’s time to pop the Champagne corks, blow out the candles and make a wish for another amazing year!

It’s been a rollercoaster of highs and higher highs, with our quite-literally-unbelievable headlines grabbing the attention of satire fans and mooks alike.

Our most popular scoops have involved dear old Sean Bean receiving an Oscar for 100 on-screen deaths, the British government advising its citizens to refrigerate their £5 notes, and the six actors that are tipped to be the new James Bond…not to mention that highly anticipated Friends reboot that’s gonna hit mooks’ screens any time soon.

The pinnacle of our career so far has been when we influenced the intrepid news source BuzzFeed; these purveyors of truth linked to our scoop about Tony Blair preparing to take over from Theresa May, after possibly skipping over our educative feature on 104% of the population not being able to tell the difference between fake news and satire.

Our video division have reviewed Uber’s latest update that allows users to drive themselves to their own location, broken the news of Kim Jong-Un’s terrifying new weapon, and discussed the addition of ‘mook’ to the Top 5 Words Of 2017.

Talking of the word ‘mook’, we not only managed to get the definition into the Oxford Dictionary but also saw it ranking highly in the arguably more popular Urban Dictionary, as a person who believes fake news. Result.

The Mook Of The Month awards have been a joy to dole out every four weeks; whether it’s wheat field abuser Theresa May, serial sex pest Harvey Weinstein or the entire nation of America when they voted this guy as their leader, no one is safe from being crowned King or Queen Mook.

We’ll continue breaking the most fact-defying stories for your viewing pleasure; all you have to do is keep reading, sharing and calling out mookish behaviour wherever you see it.

Here’s to another year of mook-hunting!

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