Google have announced plans to invent a brand new product that will help close the height gap between men and women.

This is yet another response to the recent furore regarding the apparent gender disparity in the tech company’s workforce; earlier this week, Google stopped running ‘sexist’ ads that target gender.

Google’s Height Equality division has just one purpose: inventing a product that will make women as tall as men, thus ending the imbalance between its employees’ height.

“Google has a proven history of innovation,” said Danielle Brown, Google’s new Vice President of Diversity.

“So all of our female employees can rest assured that the Height Equality team will get to the bottom of this vital work.”

Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai explained his decision to take action in this fight for equality.

“There’s no biological reason why women are shorter than men, so it has to be social,” explained Pichai.

“Until we can redress the balance via a mass-scale attitudinal paradigm shift, we need to come up with something that women can use, or maybe even wear, to be closer to the height of their male colleagues.

“We’ve got our best guys – and girls! and girls! – working around the clock on this one.”


Google To Stop Running Ads That Target Gender Because “It’s Sexist”


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