George Osborne has been appointed editor of the London Evening Standard and Secretary-General of the United Nations, it has been announced.

The former Chancellor also intends to stay on as Conservative MP for Tatton in Cheshire.

Asked how he would manage to juggle all his jobs, Osborne said, “It will be no problem. I’m in London most of the time anyway, so the editor job will be a piece of cake.

“The United Nations gig is just a question of turning up for a few meetings and they never decide anything useful anyway.

“As an MP, I don’t need to meet any of my constituents in Tatton. If they have any issues they can just email my staff.

“Their problems are always so tedious that it would be a waste of my valuable time to actually talk to them.”

As previously announced, Osborne will receive £650,000 a year for advising the global investment group BlackRock.

“I’m only being paid to work one day a week for BlackRock, so I can do that on Sunday afternoons while watching the football on Sky.”


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