A 25-year-old woman from London has finally admitted what her friends have suspected for a long time – that she much prefers spending time with her gay best friend rather than her boyfriend.

Susan Jones has been best friends with Kyle Liston for two years; they go to the cinema together, regularly meet up for after-work cocktails followed by dropping some shapes at Susan’s favourite club and both enjoy shopping in designer outlet stores.

Meanwhile Susan has been dating Andy Stevenson for four years; they will occasionally share a bottle of wine whilst debating what to watch on the television and complain about having to spend time with each other’s parents.

“I mean, I love Andy to bits and I wouldn’t change him at all,” explained Susan.

“But Kyle understands me, we share the same interests, he’s a great listener and is always up for a dance.

“And Kyle is just gorgeous to look at, dresses really well and doesn’t want sex all the time.

“Actually, I probably would change Andy. Quite a lot.”

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