A Gap Year program has made a change to its financial process and is now accepting PayPal and conflict diamonds as payment.

Give Them A Chance is a foundation that builds infrastructures in developing countries and encourages young adults to travel whilst learning new skills and experiencing different cultures.

“At GTAC, we offer young people the opportunity to really make a difference in the world.”, explained Dominick Higgleton, the founder of Give Them A Chance.

“Every time a warlord tears down a school, we build twenty more. Our aim is for every African child to have a school to themselves by 2025.”

Mook News - Conflict Diamond

“Who doesn’t love diamonds?”

Chief Financial Officer Susie Ainsworth explained the foundation’s recent decision to accept new forms of payment.

“We used to only accept cheques, which was fine as most of the volunteers’ parents prefer that method,” said Ainsworth.

“But some of the more enterprising youths have started organising JustGiving pages to fund their gap year, so we started to allow electronic payments via PayPal.

“And then we just figured, who doesn’t love diamonds?”

GTAC volunteer Prudence Clearwater explained why she thinks that diamonds are a useful form of currency.

“Yeah, so I think Leonardo DiCaprio made a documentary about it where he proves that diamonds are just like a way easier method of carrying cash around Africa?” said Clearwater.

“Leo’s so hot.”