FOX News has made a splash in hiring Cole Bolton, editor of popular satirical news site The Onion, as its next editor-in-chief.

“I’m not really sure if they totally realize it’s a satirical news site, but I’m not gonna be the one that tells them. The benefits are awesome and unlike The Onion, I actually get paid,” said an elated Bolton.

“I mean, I guess it sort of the same job, in a way. Just make up news stories and publish them, no matter if they are true or not.”

FOX News has planned an official news conference for later in the week to properly introduce their new editor-in-chief.

“We are so excited to get to work with a talent as sharp, thorough and strong-willed as Cole,” said Irena Briganti, Executive Vice President of Corporate Communications for FOX News.

“Cole represents everything Fox News stands for. Truth. Honesty. And serving the public good.”

Upon being told that Bolton was switching jobs from The Onion, Briganti responded, “Of course I know that, it’s one of my favorite sources for news. I check it every morning to see what’s going on in the world.”


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