Everything that you’re doing in the gym is incorrect and a total waste of your time, according to a guy who has a tenuous connection to exercise.

According to this guy, who drops his cousin’s name into all gym-related and some non-gym-related conversations, you’re doing untold damage to your body without any of the benefits associated with weight lifting every time you work out.

Posture is everything; get it sorted, otherwise you might as well be sat at home 🙂” reads a text message that you received in between sets from the guy who was sat at home.

Remember Pete, around 7 years ago? Shredded. That’s what you want to be aiming for, and dude, no offense, but unless you fix your form, it’s just not going to happen.

You can’t just Google ‘plyometrics’ and dictate its relative pros and cons on messageboard forums; you have to actually train correctly. At least that’s what the guy whose cousin almost qualified for the 2008 CrossFit Games has to say.

Seriously, if this was ’09, Pete would be here just crushing it. That was the year that he trained for a Half Ironman. It’s no stretch to say that he’d be embarrassed to even look at you.


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