In the wake of yet another horrific mass shooting in the US, internet-educated and self-proclaimed anarchists have taken to social media channels to once again shine a spotlight on their own stupidity.

Stephen Wainwright, who is by all accounts a complete prick, took to Twitter to say this:

“Anyone who thinks this was the action of a deranged teenage boy with easy access to guns is one of the sheeple. Ever notice whenever a large group of children are gunned down, people – ESPECIALLY people within the GOVERNMENT – call for stricter gun laws? Coincidence? I think not. It couldn’t be more clear that the #NewWorldOrder is attempting to disarm the public and usher in a terrifying era of weapon-free living. Obviously I would prefer world peace but because I live in the REAL WORLD I’m comfortable telling you I would happily gun down any and all who try to strangle my freedom.

#sheeple #newworldorder #gunsforall””

And then in a follow-up tweet, the total bellend said:

“Remember, sheeple, the etymology of the word government is Govern = control, ment = mind. MIND CONTROL – THEY AREN’T EVEN HIDING IT!”

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