Game of Thrones show creators D.B. Weiss and David Benioff have officially announced that charismatic superstar Will Smith will play the role of the evil Night King in the final season of Game of Thrones.

“Will is both evil yet likeable, which are the dimensions and layers we want to bring to the Night King in the final season,” said Benioff.

“When you watch Will Smith’s movies, you find yourself both truly hating and loving him at the same time.”

“Viewers will see the Night King isn’t just this cold, unfeeling character,” added Benioff.

“The Night King has a family, a close following of loyal friends, a good job as the leader of the White Walkers and really just wants to get his people to somewhere with a bit better weather.”

The creators also explained viewers will get to see flashback’s of the Night King’s previous life as a New York City cop who plays by his own rules.

“We’ll get to see how the Night King became the Night King and everything he had to deal with growing up in a single parent home in the outskirts of Brooklyn,” explained Benioff.

According to the creators, this was always the plan for the final season.

“We knew we wanted the series to end with a gun fight in Brooklyn; we just weren’t sure how to get there,” said Weiss.

“But with Will on board, he helped us write the end. We think fans will love it.”


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