A self-described feminist is “shocked and appalled” after discovering that all of the donors at her local sperm bank are male.

“Just another example of the patriarchy enabling gender-based employment bias,” said Regina Brown, a blogger whose bio describes her as a ‘newly crowned spokesperson for women everywhere’ who ‘got woke after watching all six series of Girls’.

“The gender divide should be 50/50 at the very least. Probably more like 70/30 in the females’ favour to make up for all of the years that women haven’t been able to smash through the glass ceiling of sperm donation.”

The 29-year-old’s interest in having a baby coincided with her recent intrigue with feminism.

“Seeing that my partner James identifies as a man, it would obviously be pretty sexist if he impregnated me so I thought I’d get a woman to do it,” continued Brown.

“But lo and behold, the patriarchy strikes again! I’m just so offended that I can’t find a female sperm donor, I might adopt. Unless all they have are boys. Wouldn’t that be just typical?”

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