After the success of the new range of ‘reaction’ emojis added to its ‘like’ button, Facebook have announced that they are to release an ‘ugly baby’ emoji.

This popular reaction will be added to the laughter, crying, love, shocked and angry emojis.

User Outreach Specialist Sarah Clarke states that the social media giant has always been a popular platform on which to post pictures of newborn babies, but questions whether this should continue to be the case moving into 2017.

“Whilst the parents no doubt love the child and it will probably turn cute eventually, our studies show that although people feel obliged to ‘like’ the picture or make comments like ‘he is a cutie’ or ‘she is just gorgeous’, secretly they are thinking ‘what a wrinkled, deformed ball of shit and vomit’.”

“People are just more comfortable expressing things in emoji form,” explained Mark Zuckerberg.

“It is very difficult to write ‘the newborn monster from Alien is more attractive than your child’, but people will quite happily express that with a click.”


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