Ex-Uber CEO Travis Kalanick revealed to AP sources in a conference last week his next business endeavor, a tube-sharing service called Tuber.

Tuber will be an inflatable inner tube-sharing app, which will allow normal people who own inner tubes to share them with those who do not.

“Tube-sharing is the way of the future and Tuber is at the forefront of this revolution,” said Kalanick.

“Just think of all the inner tubes in the world. Now think about how many of those inner tubes aren’t in use. Now think about how many could be enjoyed by others right now in lakes and pools and ponds and even front yards.”

Tuber is currently pursuing its first round of funding from investors. Kalanick estimates Tuber’s valuation to be anywhere from $5 to $35 billion.

“Remember what electricity did for the first settlers in this nation?” added Kalanick.

“That’s what Tuber is going to do for people who don’t currently have inner tubes, but would like to borrow one.”

Tuber is currently in talks with a wide range of investors, including Presidential Advisor Jared Kushner who has boasted about his “really great” connections with Russian bankers.

“One intro from me, that’s all you’ll need,” assured Kushner.


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