Disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein is facing even more charges of sexual misconduct, as the entire cast of the Broadway hit Hamilton has accused him of touching them “inappropriately.”

All 32 cast-members of the play have come out accusing Weinstein of groping their buttocks and genitals.

“Before each performance, Harvey would get us in a line and then run down the line slapping us once on the backside and then run back and slap each of us in the genitals,” said one Hamilton cast member who preferred to remain nameless.

“He usually smelled like Papa John’s pizza and for some reason while he was running down the line he would scream ‘Freedom!’”

Weinstein’s unpleasant behavior is alleged to have been known for some time within the industry, even by A-list actors such as Ben Affleck; however, this marks the first accusation against him in which he has groped over 30 people at one time.

Many believe that this is not the only Broadway cast he has groped either, with evidence building that he also fondled groped the entire cast of Wicked, Rent and Stomp.

“It’s an outrage and truly disgusting,” said James Butters, second background trashcan player in Stomp.

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