The emergence of the Alt-Right political faction has sent waves of panic throughout the left-leaning Ctrl-Alt-Delete movement, it has been reported.

The Alt-Right reject mainstream conservative views and align themselves with more far right ideologies. Hillary Clinton targeted the group in a speech during her campaign for the Presidency in August of this year.

“It’s a race-baiting, anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, anti-woman group that switches tabs only ever to the right, never back to center.”

With leading Alt-Right proponent and editor of politically conservative news website Breitbart Stephen Bannon now working as President-elect Donald Trump’s chief strategist, there is a real fear in the more liberal Ctrl-Alt-Delete that this fringe group will have too much control over US citizens.

“We used to be the go-to keystroke. Everyone used us to get rid of things that they didn’t like on their screens. We could dispel hateful, bigoted and offensive content in a second.

“But over the past year we’ve seen a real Shift, with people moving tabs further and further to the right.”

However, Ctrl-Alt-Delete has been criticized for being too narrow-minded in its reflexive approach to shutting situations down without fully assessing them.

A spokesperson for Ctrl-Alt-Delete vehemently disagrees with this charge, claiming that their swift, all-encompassing response is what drew people to them in the first place.

“If things get any worse, we’re going to have to push back and join the Alt-Left. That sounds like a Backspace, but the public really are leaving us very little choice.”


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