Elton John has announced he and President Trump are practicing a surprise duet performance of his hit song Rocket Man at the next United Nations council meeting.

“He called me up last week with the idea and I thought it was just brilliant,” said John.

“Not many people know this, but Trump sings absolutely beautifully. He sounds like a mixture of Stevie Wonder and Harry Styles. One Direction Harry, not the solo stuff.”

“The President was not only in chorus during his private schooling, he was in glee club, plus four six years was part of a teen boy band called ‘Whoz The Daddy’, which sold over sixty thousand records in 1971,” added a White House representative.

Although the President has yet to comment on his future performance with the British pop star, many White House staffers have admitted to hearing his vocal warm-ups when he practices his high C-notes in the early morning.

Ticketmaster and Stubhub have started selling tickets for the event, with prices ranging from $465 to be on the United Nation’s floor pit to just $99 to sit with the representatives of Egypt or next to Mike Pence.

Tim Farron Leaves To Work On Elton John Tribute Act

Tim Farron Leaves To Work On Elton John Tribute Act

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