Following in the footsteps of Friends and Baywatch, the latest cult series to be rebooted into a feature-length film will be the spy thriller series Homeland.

2017 is the year of the reboot, with the critically acclaimed Baywatch remake thrilling both old and new fans alike and the hotly anticipated Friends reboot currently in production after a casting makeover.

Rebooting Homeland is controversial for two reasons. Firstly, the original series is still running. But what will perhaps cause more debate amongst the hardcore fans of the series is the casting choices, with Lindsey Lohan set to play Carrie Mathison and Game of Thrones star Ed Sheeran replacing Damian Lewis’s Brody.

Fox 21 reportedly saw a parallel with Brody being in captivity for eight years and Ed Sheeran taking a year off to deal with his glue-sniffing issues and moved quickly to sign him to the project.

“Series One of Homeland was far and away our strongest,” said Executive Producer Howard Gordon.

“So we thought, why not do another one?”

Lindsay’s been washing back pills with copious amounts of wine for years now in preparation for this role,” explained Howard, “and Ed has a brooding intensity, which is perfect for Brody.

“Everybody just loved Ed’s performance in Game of Thrones,” stated the Producer, “and we are sure that adding a couple of musical numbers to take advantage of Sheeran’s skill set will further add to the mystique of Brody.”

Lohan could not contain her excitement at the opportunity.

“This is the role I was born to play,” enthused the Hollywood starlet.

“And you should see the chemistry between Ed and me on set; it’s a steamy, double-ginger melting pot!”

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