Hollywood is coming to The X Factor, as emerging actor Harry Styles is set to audition for the highbrow talent show.

Styles played Alex in Christopher Nolan’s critically acclaimed war movie Dunkirk, but close friends have indicated that he sees his future as a singer rather than an actor.

Perhaps even more excitingly for X Factor, it has been rumoured that Styles used to date American megastar Taylor Swift.

“Harry ticks pretty much all of the boxes,” explained X Factor creator Simon Cowell.

“He’s good-looking, has an interesting back story, is already a minor celebrity, and has an amazing ex-girlfriend who will hopefully come and assist me at my Judge House in LA.

“I just know Louis is going to love him.”

However, Cowell was less committal on Styles’ talent.

“I mean, the boy can sing,” explained the ageless producer.

“But to be honest he would probably work better in a boyband.”

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