Mook News has teamed up with gaming app Swipe Fighter Heroes to offer the political left and right the opportunity to beat each other to death.

Ever wanted to pound the chest of a liberal snowflake until their bleeding hearts actually bleed out? Maybe you’ve always dreamed of shoving a right-wing Republican’s shotgun so far up their ass that the Second Amendment blows their wig off?

Easy, psycho – let us save you thousands of dollars in legal bills, bail bonds and a shit-ton of therapy sessions by recommending Swipe Fighter Heroes’ latest update: the ultimate political boxing match.

The cheeky game pitches two ageing egotists – who both wield disproportionate amounts of power – against each other in a titanic showdown between Left and Right.

Mook News - Trump vs Cooper

Are you a loopy leftie who laps up every word CNN says? Or a red-blooded Republican who hangs on each letter of your Commander-In Chief’s tweets? Maybe you just want to stand in the center and watch the world burn…

Whatever your political affiliation, with Swipe Fighter Heroes you can choose your appropriate avatar – Anderson ‘silver fox’ Cooper or Donald ‘fucking maniac’ Trump – before letting all hell break loose.

Download the game for free on iOS and Google Play.

Enjoy the bloodshed, ya bunch of mooksters…