The new President of the United States has agreed to be the castaway on this Sunday’s Desert Island Discs.

The BBC said they were delighted that President Trump will help celebrate the 75th anniversary of the programme.

The only stipulation that Trump has made is that the regular presenter stands down in case she asks any awkward questions, so Kirsty Young’s place will be taken by Michael Gove.

Trump will follow the show’s regular format of a famous guest being ‘cast away’ on a fictional desert island, discussing which eight records they would take with them.

All of his song choices aren’t known yet but Trump has already said that Bruce Springsteen’s Born In The USA will be one of them, “Because my predecessor couldn’t have chosen that, could he?”

Each castaway is allowed one book and one luxury item. The President chose The Art Of The Deal by Donald Trump and a full-length mirror.

In answer to the question of which record they would save if a storm hit the desert island, Trump picked The Wall by Pink Floyd.

“I love that song, I really do.”


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