In a surprise turn of events, Donald Trump has decided to play rebellious NFL players at their own game by kneeling during their matches.

For the last year or so, certain NFL players have knelt during the national anthem at their games in a protest against the allegedly disproportionate brutality that black US citizens face at the hands of police officers.

Trump has been very critical of this performance and is now stepping things up in his response.

“The President practiced kneeling in the Oval Office all the way through lunch and during a few conference calls with Russia, and I have to say that his physical endurance is truly impressive,” gushed White House Communications Director Hope Hicks.

“After 60 minutes he was hit with a dreadful cramp, but did he give up? No sir, he did not.”

When asked the sort of critical reception that the President’s act of protest can expect, Hicks was surprisingly candid.

“We don’t have the data on that just yet,” confessed the Communications Director.

“You see, he usually watches the games on his own.”

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