A Valentine’s card and 50 red roses have been delivered to 10 Downing Street for Theresa May; they are believed to come from President Donald Trump.

The inscription reads:

‘Roses are red, violets are blue, Brexit is wonderful and so are you.’

The Prime Minister has been fretting ever since she met Trump in America last month.

“He said he would write and he hasn’t. He said he would ring every day and he hasn’t rung once.  I’ve been out of my mind with worry,” said May.

“We had such a great time together in Washington. I really thought that we had entered a special relationship.

“If these flowers are from him, and I think they are, then I’m overjoyed and that bitch Angela is going to be very jealous.

“Donald and I discussed extreme petting last time, but I only let him get to first base. 

“When we meet again in the summer, I think I might let him go all the way.”