In an effort to resolve his ongoing conflict with Kim Jong-Un, Donald Trump has challenged North Korea’s Supreme Leader to a Call of Duty WWII game on Xbox Live.

Trump will play a soldier in the American army and will request that Jong-un takes on the roll of a Nazi stormtrooper in a multiplayer match-up for the ages.

Jared Kushner is reportedly nervous about the tournament, not so much because Trump may lose but more due to his fear of the consequences of Trump and Jong-un trolling each other with inflammatory comments over their headsets during the game.

“I have always taken the high ground with Big Kim,” proclaimed Trump.

“While his regime called me old, I made it clear that I would not be calling him short and fat.

“But by doing so I successfully implied that he was vertically challenged and obese, whilst avoiding a serious diplomatic incident. Because I’m a smart guy.”

A triumphant Trump continued his thoughts.

“I’m going to kick his ass at Call of Duty. He may take out some of the French, but he is no match for a Trump-controlled US army,” explained the President.

“And if that rotund dictator ever gets an advantage, I am sure that a powerful ally of mine – who is definitely not Vladimir Putin – will intervene, just as the US did so successfully in WWII!”

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