In a surprise recasting decision, Donald Trump and Bill Cosby are to take on lead roles in the upcoming movie Lethal Weapon 5.

With Mel Gibson in drawn out negotiations with The Vatican regarding the baptism of his ninth child and Danny Glover citing age-related concerns, the roles of Riggs and Murtaugh have been filled by the US President and the disgraced comedian.

Early plot leaks reveal that the mismatched duo will infiltrate a sex trafficking ring and use undercover aliases to expose a sinister political conspiracy that leads to the top of the White House.

The film’s title track ‘Safety: Off’ is to be written and performed by Robin Thicke.  

Trump, who is also co-producing the film, has insisted on having the final say on who is to direct the fifth instalment of the successful movie franchise.

Together, Bill and I are going to make Lethal Weapon great again. We are. But to do that we need the right director. We need someone with class. With experience. With the right touch. Maybe Roman Polanski.


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