After watching Westworld on HBO, Donald Trump immediately got on the phone to his British Ambassador non-elect Nigel Farage to plan a short vacation at the Western-themed amusement park.

The President-elect was immediately seduced by the prospect of the $40K per day resort and was particularly enticed when he heard that you could kill robot Mexicans without consequence.

‘I might even build a wall out there,” grinned Trump.

An excited Nigel Farage reportedly enquired whether you could also kill robot Europeans.

“Actually, I thought Nige was a European,” shrugged Trump, “but he assured me he is not.”

The main draw for Trump was the experience of being able to mess around with Westworld’s female robots without fear of consequence.

“Not only is a bit of light sexual assault perfectly legal in the park,” explained the President-elect, “but they wipe their memories each day.

“That should save any unwanted reminders during my next Presidential campaign, although it didn’t do me much harm this time around!”


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