All over the world, dogs have begun planning food-stealing strategies for Christmas Day.

Canines use the festive period to take liberties that they would never dare to throughout the rest of the year.

They know that their owners will relax, have too much to drink, and leave food lying around; a perfect storm, which dogs aim to exploit.

The UK record is believed to be held by Leo, a Labrador from Hampshire.

On Christmas Day in 2014, Leo made away with 10 mince pies, 24 chipolata sausages, a plate of smoked salmon and an entire box of After Eights (including the packaging).

When asked how he hopes to top this achievement this year, Leo was characteristically confident.

“I’ll softly swish my tail to knock over a glass of Sherry, which everyone will automatically blame on Uncle Kieran.

“During the ensuing melee, I’ll make the turkey my bitch.”