In an effort to rectify the ongoing accusation of “whitewashing” in many of their movies, Disney will now “minority-wash” all future film projects.

“We’ve decided to make up for our past mistakes and promise to never again cast a white person in any film we ever make,” said Disney‘s Chief Communications Officer Zenia Mucha.

“By never casting another white person, even in roles that most likely should require a Caucasian person to play, we will help destroy Hollywood’s ongoing problem with racism.”

Critics of the controversial decision have stated that casting minorities to play classic Caucasian roles – such as “evil white guy with mustache” Joseph Stalin or Woody Harrelson’s character in the cartoon remake of the classic basketball movie White Men Can’t Jump – will draw an even deeper divide between races.

“We’re confident that never hiring another white actor will be the best thing we’ve ever done as a company,” added Mucha.

“Even better than the decision to replace those giant turkey legs in our amusement parks with emu meat.”

Disney’s minority-washing will start with the upcoming reboot of a live-action Frozen, featuring South Korean immigrants playing every role.

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