Pop star Demi Lovato will replace Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in the movie’s sequel, sending shock waves through the Internet as DC tries to gain the coveted Generation Q market share (ages 2-8 ).

“While Gal is great for older audiences, we feel Demi can convert fans who aren’t fans yet, like Generation Q,” said Bill Winthrop, head of PR for DC Studios.

“Generation Q are the ones making all the really big financial decisions in the US right now. It’s a little known fact, but children ages 4 to 6 account for 89% of everything sold in the country every day.”

Many studios have found grabbing Generation Q’s attention difficult, as they are easily distracted by shiny objects and candy.

However, DC has a solution for that as well. Free candy will be given out along with every Wonder Woman 2 ticket bought.

“As a movie studio, we can either fight it or admit that Generation Q runs our lives and is responsible for all our jobs,” said Layla Billings, CFO for DC Studios.

“Also, with Demi starring as Wonder Woman there will be far better choreographed dance numbers than the first movie, which featured none.”

DC is excited to see Lovato embrace the role of superhero, defender of the planet and really great dancer.

The studio has even played with the notion that Wonder Woman 2 could introduce a new “dance-based weapon” for the group in which she makes bad guys “bust a move and die.”

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