Always looking to innovate, Delta Airlines has introduced a new class of seating specifically created for unemployed passengers on flights over two hours long, called ‘3rd Class Seating’.

According to Delta, the new class of seats will let other passengers know which people might be more likely to be: angry with the government, returning war veterans, or just generally furious with the world.

“At Delta, we always try to be on the cutting edge of airline travel. So dividing people into somewhat random and overly broad socio-economic categories just felt like the next step,” said Phil Winters, head of Delta PR.

“With 3rd Class Seating, we hope that people who aren’t seated in that section will be reminded of where they could be if they lost their jobs and became a vagrant.

“While those seated in 3rd Class will hopefully hate it so much they’ll be motivated to go out and find a job.”

This isn’t the first time that Delta has tried a new class of seating on their airplanes. Back in 2012 they introduced the ‘Farmers Class’, which segregated anyone who worked or has worked with livestock to the back of the plane.

Farmers Class was an instant success and is being added to more planes in 2018.

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