The tourism board for the state of Delaware recently sent shock waves through the country when they said they believed global warming was “super awesome” and will be a “great asset” to increase tourism for the state.

“We know it might not be the most politically correct way of thinking, but here in Delaware we love global warming,” said Congresswoman Linda Dentatter.

“Look, it’s cold as hell here and there’s nothing to do, so sorry we’re not sorry that we’re looking forward to a little heatwave.”

The Congresswoman is just one of many Delawareans who are anticipating that the rising temperatures will bring a whole new crop of tourists to the small, cold, sad state.

Delaware resident Ernie Wells is going “all in” on global warming in the state.

“I’m opening up a Tiki bar and grill called Sand In Your Crack,” said Wells.

“It’s gonna serve tropical drinks and have sand instead of carpet. That’s why it’s gonna be called ‘Sand In Your Crack.”

However, perhaps even more shocking is that face that Delaware is not alone.

Congressmen and women from states like New Hampshire, North Dakota, Wyoming and Arkansas have also gone on record to say that global warming is, “like the best thing ever to happen to the state in like forever.”

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