David Cameron is poised to make a comeback in the House of Commons when he takes over George Osborne’s seat at the general election.

Osborne recently announced that he will not be seeking re-election in his Tatton constituency.

“Having saved the UK economy, I feel that my job is done,” said the former Chancellor.

“But it would be great if David Cameron could continue our work of compassionate Conservative government.

“We were both members of the Bullingdon Club at Oxford University, so we like to look after each other.

“I rang Dave after I decided to resign and he said that he’d love to give it a go.”

David Cameron says he misses the rough and tumble of politics and is looking forward to doing his bit.

“Samantha and I will continue to live in London, so I won’t be able to visit the constituency very often,” said the former Prime Minister.

“I don’t think that really matters, as George was hardly ever there. They must be used to it by now.”