One of the Walkers from The Walking Dead has lurched forward to explain why none of his kind have managed to kill fan favourite Daryl Dixon.

Dixon has had to deal with wave after wave of Walker attacks and has each time somehow managed to avoid being turned into one of the undead, despite facing seemingly insurmountable odds.

But finally a particularly nasty rotting Walker, thought to be Keith Richards, has explained why.

“He’s just really, really ridiculously good-looking,” reasoned The Walker/Richards.

“We can’t turn a man that attractive into one of us.

“Look, we are told we can’t bite Rick or Carl, because they have ‘plot armour’ and Michonne is kind of handy with that sword thingy, but we don’t bite Daryl out of choice!

“Everybody loves a sexy redneck, even Mick Jagger.”

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