After announcing his retirement from acting, Daniel Day-Lewis has agreed to one last role as Phoebe Buffay’s twin sister in the upcoming Friends reboot.

The Oscar-winning actor is hanging up his acting shoes after a critically acclaimed career in which he is the only performer to ever win three Best Actor Oscars.

However, the Hollywood star has signed up to step in front of the camera one last time in the upcoming Friends reboot as Ursula Buffay.

Initially starring Zac Efron, the much-anticipated remake now features Ryan Gosling in a lead role as Ross Geller and SNL Kate McGinnon as Phoebe Buffay.

Mook News - Lisa Kudrow

Day-Lewis will perform the role of Ursula Buffay, originally played by Lisa Kudrow.

Day-Lewis is famous for completely inhabiting a character before filming begins, once spending six months in a wheelchair in preparation for his role as writer and artist Christy Brown in My Left Foot.

“I hear that Daniel’s quite the method actor. I’m quite the method actor too,” declared McGinnon.

“If he wants to really nail the part of Ursula, I suggest we spend a whole day together, totally in character. Well, maybe an afternoon.”

“The bewitching, multi-faceted character of Ursula has called to me ever since her and I crossed paths, televisually speaking, not two decades ago,” explained the triple Oscar winner.

“Plus, the money’s right and it’ll take a weekend max, so I might as well do it.”


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